Free People

Mrs. Brightside

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The grass is definitely greener on the other side! Spring is here, and Michelle’s back from her recent trips! Most recently visiting New Orleans, one of her favorite places for its vibrancy and culture. (Hence the colorful new skirt!) She’s even sporting her new bright red lipstick straight from the UK!

There’s something called Red Nose Day in the UK, where every two years people wear a red nose for the day to raise awareness and money to help fund life-changing projects. Why a red nose? To provide comedic relief and entertainment for a good cause! Red Nose Day may have already passed in the UK, but it’s coming to the US for the first time on Thursday, May 21st!

Top: Naked Zebra, McCaulou’s; Bralette: Free People; Skirt: The Impeccable Pig, New Orleans; Shoes: TOMS; Hat: Ella J. Boutique; Lipstick: Kate Moss’ Red Nose Red 01 for Rimmel London.



Oui Oui

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Back in September 2014, we talked a lot about showing up to shoots either being dressed like complete opposites (one casual, the other dressed up) or having the same color scheme going on. Well, it happened again. Really, we should begin tallying this because it’s happening way more than we imagined!

For this shoot, we’ve got the same monochromatic color scheme. I swear, we don’t compare what we’re wearing before we show up to a shoot, and quite honestly it’s more beneficial to the process that way–the element of surprise is great like that!

While our styles are fairly similar, there are also big differences. In my opinion, Michelle is way better at dressing cas, and most of the time that comes down to shirt or shoe choice, and she makes it look incredibly effortless. Throw on a loose graphic tee, some ripped up jeans and a killer pair of sneakers and there you have it! Ultimate casual-chic.

Also, can I just point out how awesome Michelle’s half top knot looks? Kudos Refinery29 for the 2015 hair inspo!

Jacket: Articles of Society; Top: Marshall’s; Bralette: Free People; Pants: Cotton On; Shoes: Vans; Bracelet: Forever 21.


After The Storm

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While December is one of my favorite months, it is also an incredibly busy month, and when you get sick, life gets that much more complicated! When it’s raining and you’re trying to plan a shoot, waiting until after the storm has passed (both literally and figuratively) is definitely way easier than trying to calculate how much time you’ve got until you’re soaking wet and even more sick!

Michelle and I thought we could beat the storm this past Friday and shoot before the rainpocalypse but we were sorely mistaken. Sallow skin and Mother Nature’s wind-blown hair did NOT make for blog-approved pictures, as awesome and ominous as the sky looked! Alas, we survived the #HellaStorm here in Northern California (and I recovered from my cold) and we were much more pleased with the after results!

Michelle’s wearing a Free People top she received for her birthday and a specially crafted “M” necklace, made by her (secretly artsy) best friend Jackie Kabel. I love the fact that there’s also a heart looped in with the “M” on her necklace, too. To complete the outfit, Michelle contrasted her busy floral top with solid berry-colored skinnies and neutral booties.

Now, everyone appreciate this awesome drawing Jackie did for Michelle when she came back from Africa this Summer:

Everyone in favor of Jackie creating an Etsy shop to sell her awesome drawings and handmade items say I!

I! 🙂 But seriously… I would probably buy A LOT.

There’s only 8 more days until Christmas everyone! Here’s hoping you’re close to finishing your holiday shopping and you’re staying dry and healthy during the holiday season! 🙂

Top: Free People; Pants: American Eagle; Shoes: Madden Girl; Necklace: Made by Jackie Kabel.



17 Acres of Autumn

We were graciously treated to the best location shoot to date by our new friend and fellow blogger/aspiring photographer Sarah Mason-Beaty. We met Sarah at the “Tales of the Jazz Age” party we attended courtesy of Kinsley James Couture Bridal. (Thanks for the introduction, Katie!) Sarah is so sweet and suggested we use her parents amazing 17 acre property in Danville, CA, complete with 360 degree views and a backyard that looks out towards Mt. Diablo. We were too giddy to say no! I mean… just look at this gorgeousness!

IMG_2428 IMG_2483 IMG_2530IMG_2529-1
Obviously we fell in love. There’s so much to explore on the property, we’re absolutely delighted Sarah invited us back to shoot some more in the future. For Michelle’s shoot, we opted for the back of the barn that has a perfect view of Mt. Diablo.

IMG_2503 IMG_2514 IMG_2511 IMG_2522
Michelle got fancy on me this time and decided to incorporate a new style accessory into her outfit–a cuff! Amazingly, they’re really great for cinching a bulky scarf and at creating a new way to accessorize with scarves and arm candy!

A big thank you to Sarah and her parents for welcoming us into their home and allowing us to use the location for our photoshoots! We so appreciate the hospitality!

Stay tuned because we took some gorgeous photographs of Sarah as well–you won’t want to miss ’em! 😉

Sweater: Free People; Pants: American Eagle; Shoes: Madden Girl; Scarf: McCaulou’s; Cuff: McCaulou’s; Rings: Ireland and hand-me-downs from Grandma.



This shoot I was reminded of that Ferris Bueller quote. You know the one:

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.”

Sometimes you’re so wrapped up in a task, you forget to stop and take a look at the world around you. When we first arrive at our location, I vaguely hear Michelle mention: “I’m Cinderella.” I just turn and stare blankly at her. She motions to her shirt and I realize what she’s said. She’s actually carrying an incredibly cute stuffed Gus-Gus, who seems to have slimmed down some since his debut.

Michelle’s outfit is one she’s been wanting to wear since she received the items. Her Cinderella tee–called “Pumpkin Coach T-shirt”–is by Cakeworthy, an awesome online shop that features items with a Disney theme. There’s also a Sailor Moon tee featured on the site so consider me sold!

If there’s one thing I took away from this shoot, it’s that I need to be more cognizant in certain aspects of my life. Life does move pretty fast and I don’t want to miss a single second! Here’s hoping you don’t either 🙂

Top: Cakeworthy; Pants: Free People; Shoes: Madden Girl; Sunglasses: McCaulou’s; Gus-Gus: Christmas present.