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The grass is definitely greener on the other side! Spring is here, and Michelle’s back from her recent trips! Most recently visiting New Orleans, one of her favorite places for its vibrancy and culture. (Hence the colorful new skirt!) She’s even sporting her new bright red lipstick straight from the UK!

There’s something called Red Nose Day in the UK, where every two years people wear a red nose for the day to raise awareness and money to help fund life-changing projects. Why a red nose? To provide comedic relief and entertainment for a good cause! Red Nose Day may have already passed in the UK, but it’s coming to the US for the first time on Thursday, May 21st!

Top: Naked Zebra, McCaulou’s; Bralette: Free People; Skirt: The Impeccable Pig, New Orleans; Shoes: TOMS; Hat: Ella J. Boutique; Lipstick: Kate Moss’ Red Nose Red 01 for Rimmel London.



Sam’s Winter Favorites

I know I said in my Fall Favorites post that I was combining both my Fall and Winter favorites, but because Spring Equinox is this Friday (March 20th), Michelle and I wanted to close out the season with our Winter favorites before Spring officially begins!

Without further ado, my Winter favorites:

1. Sam Hunt‘s Montevallo album. As soon as I heard “Leave The Night On”, I was hooked! Fun fact: Sam co-wrote Keith Urban‘s hit song “Cop Car” which Sam also recorded for Montevallo! If you like Florida-Georgia Line, I guarantee you’ll like Sam Hunt!

Sam Hunt Montevallo
2. My burgundy mini mason jar & succulent by Twine & Dandy. If you haven’t bought a mason jar from Twine & Dandy yet, what are you waiting for?!

3. Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Red Dahlia:

(Their Lip Crayons are really nice too!)

4. My white cable knit sweater from Forever 21 & statement necklace from Charming Charlie:

5. My Ella J. “Proud Supporter Of Messy Hair And Sweatpants” sweatshirt! Soooo cozy!

What were some of your favorites this Winter?


Michelle’s Fall Favorites!

Now that November has come and passed (but actually, how is it December already?!) we thought we would both share a couple of our favorite items that we purchased this past month!


Wonderful Wick candles, One Direction’s latest album “FOUR”, lipsticks and clothing


Hooked On Pink 065 by Maybelline and Diva Red 500 by Rimmel London

IMG_4886Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 8.17.00 AM

I’m just gonna fess up right now, I have a shopping problem… but I’m putting the blame on November! All those sale signs surrounding me, just begging me to buy this cute skirt and those shoes I just can’t live without…

I made a split decision while standing in the makeup aisle at Target that I was going to start wearing lipstick, having been more of a chapstick girl in the past. Since I didn’t know if I would end up liking lipstick at all I went with cheaper brands and bought two sticks; one from Maybelline, the other Rimmel London, and it turns out I love both!

Another thing I purchased on a whim were candles; a super simple yet dramatic addition to your surroundings. They add a calm feel to the room when I’m working on my laptop, especially the Wonderful Wick brand, they have a wooden wick so it crackles like a little fireplace!

Black Friday sales persuaded me to purchase a black “moto” jacket by Articles of Society as well as my new favorite skirt by Honey Punch, in cranberry. Both are found at a local Bay Area boutique, Ella J!

And last but most certainly not least, One Direction’s newly released album, FOUR! Sorry not sorry, long time Directioner right here!

Sam’s favorites are soon to follow, so keep those eyes peeled! Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving as well as a great start to December!

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