Highlight: CoMoe Makeup and Photos

Meet Courtney Johnson and Moe Marquez, the lovely duo behind the spectacular CoMoe Makeup and Photos. Moe (right) is the makeup and hair stylist and Courtney aka Cojo (left) is the photographer! Together they’ve come up with the wonderful idea of showcasing their talents through their combined efforts. For Spring Dapper Day 2015, all hair and makeup was completed by Moe and we wanted to showcase their work by publishing Cojo’s photos featuring Michelle, Jackie and Ally during the hair and makeup process from Dapper Day. Take a look below!

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And the final product… drum roll please!

As you can see, the makeup was flawless, the hair was styled perfectly and Courtney’s photography and editing skills are on point! 😉

CoMoe is currently based out of the Anaheim area in Southern California. If you have any questions or would like to book a photoshoot with the dynamic duo, be sure to email And don’t forget to follow them on Instagram @CoMoeMakeupAndPhotos!

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