Question #1– Why did you want to start this blog?

Sam– Michelle came to me with the idea of an outfit-of-the-week blog, where we would shoot each other’s outfits on location and then switch back and forth blogging each other’s outfits. It combines my fashion background and her photography background so of course I wholeheartedly agreed. A friend of mine did a 365 challenge last year that I’ve admired since day one, and seeing her posts every day sparked my imagination of what I would throw together for an outfit, so this blog will combine the vision and the struggle behind that. Plus, gotta put those selfies to good use right? 😉

Michelle– I had a couple reasons in mind when starting this project. One is that I don’t think fashion should be focused on your body image, but wearing what makes you feel good and confident! Cross Stitch is also a place to discuss the silent efforts and thoughts put into planning an outfit, something easily dismissed in person.


Q2– What’s your favorite item in your closet?

S– My black lace up boots that have tears at the heels. I love me some boots.

M– Easy. My black converse high tops! Those babies have traveled the world with me, but if I had to pick something else it would have to be to my San Jose Sharks t-shirt that is autographed by almost the whole team.


Q3– Your three must haves in your wardrobe?

S– Black skinny jeans, boots & a statement necklace. Lust: a super-cute, colorful, cut-out jacquard crop top.

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

M– Black skinny jeans and black nail polish, always. As for a third, right now I am really into booties with pointed toes.


Q4– Where do you pull your daily inspiration from?

S– A lot of it is surrounding, I pay attention to how people present themselves, especially if they’ve done something different that I never would have thought of before. I tend to pull from street wear, but then I’ll tweak it so it fits who I am and how I’m feeling that day. Inspiration can really come from anywhere though; from the color of flowers on the street to the lines of your waffles in the morning.

M– Oh, jeez, I’m a mess. I tend to get obsessed with a certain music video or movie and be influenced by that. I also really like guys punk rock style so a lot of the time I end up dressing that up to be more feminine.


Q5– If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

S– Italy, Italy, Italy. But with unlimited (all-expenses-paid-for) visitations from family and friends.

M– This is the hardest question someone could ask me… I’m currently building a career in photo journalism so you may just have to hand me a dart to blindly throw at a world map! With some safety regulations, I am eager to go anywhere and everywhere!


Q6– Is there a certain style you try to emulate?

S– I dress in whatever makes me feel good that day. Sometimes it’s black-on-black, sometimes it’s something more girly… actually let’s be honest, I’m always in black. BLOG CHALLENGE: to come up with outfits that exclude all my black articles of clothing (this will be hard).

M– I like the whole idea of being a new “person” each day, and dressing with an example of some character or era in mind. I also catch myself dressing with a dash of British influence after living in London for four months.


Q7– What is the last thing you checked off of your bucket list?

S– I so wish it was something cooler than this, but surviving the 5 hour flights to and from Hawaii is a major strike off in my book. They’re my longest plane rides thus far (Michelle is a beast).

M– My most recent adventure was to Kenya, and I got to pet baby elephants there!



Q8– Schooling?

S– I went to FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in SF and graduated two years ago with my Associate of Arts Degree in Fashion Design. I would love to go back to school for a Bachelor’s in Costume Design, but hai student loans >_<“.

M– Ha, school, my favorite topic… but who needs all the gory details! After two gap years I will be starting college in the Fall at Academy of Art in SF and majoring in photography, which I am stoked about!


Q9– What is your coolest/most painful body manipulation, or do you have plans for any?

S– Coolest by far was when my hair looked like a peacock (lower right corner).collage

As you can see I’ve pretty much had every color. One day I’m finally getting my scissor tattoo.

M– I wouldn’t label it as painful but my “coolest” manipulation is my cartilage piercing… so not cool haha. Despite my love for tattooing shows I have no intentions of getting inked. I was recently inspired by a trend that I had Sam replicate on me, hair tapestries!


Q10- What does this blog signify to you and what do you want readers to get out of it?

S- To me, the blog signifies self expression. The challenge of throwing together an outfit so it’s new and enticing, and being able to go out on shooting adventures with Michelle to capture our looks. Being able to shoot is a major creative outlet for us. I want readers to be inspired. Not just about clothing but about themselves. Everyone should be able to express themselves, and clothing is just one way to do it. Be yourself and stay true to who you are.

M- ….yeah Sam has that one to a T, so just ditto!


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