Highlight: CoMoe Makeup and Photos

Meet Courtney Johnson and Moe Marquez, the lovely duo behind the spectacular CoMoe Makeup and Photos. Moe (right) is the makeup and hair stylist and Courtney aka Cojo (left) is the photographer! Together they’ve come up with the wonderful idea of showcasing their talents through their combined efforts. For Spring Dapper Day 2015, all hair and makeup was completed by Moe and we wanted to showcase their work by publishing Cojo’s photos featuring Michelle, Jackie and Ally during the hair and makeup process from Dapper Day. Take a look below!

16767647852_b07b0ec034_o 16768709835_a61b9883ff_o16582567359_7aa48007c6_o16581417900_772554aae6_o16561437537_0eaab01a3c_o 16148779363_49b0b09101_o 16767529941_0eb33f4a2f_o 16561425447_eff718b5d6_o16581414550_e56cdf22e0_o 16581229958_00bde14bf0_o16767703572_7c1d6528a7_o16742852926_48ba3a3e8e_o 16581342050_c241c9de66_o 16581288410_f87ce6cc95_o
And the final product… drum roll please!

As you can see, the makeup was flawless, the hair was styled perfectly and Courtney’s photography and editing skills are on point! ūüėČ

CoMoe is currently based out of the Anaheim area in Southern California. If you have any questions or would like to book a photoshoot with the dynamic duo, be sure to email comoemakeupandphotos@gmail.com. And don’t forget to follow them on Instagram @CoMoeMakeupAndPhotos!

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Spring Dapper Day 2015 | Disneyland

We meet again, dearest Disneyland! As we explained in the Fall, Dapper Day is a bi-annual event at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, encouraging you to embrace your ability to dress up and step out in style!

Sam was unable to attend this year due to a new and exciting job change so Courtney and I attended same as last year, with Ally and Jackie as our Spring dapper dates!

I¬†was inspired to dress¬†with a 60’s go-go dancer in mind after finding both my dress and boots in the same thrift store, first try!

Michelle’s Outfit | Scarf: Ross // Dress: Community Thrift // Tank: Target // Tights: Target // Boots: Community Thrift.

Ally “DapperBounded” as Honey Lemon from the new animated Disney movie, Big Hero Six! Although not pictured, she had a stuffed version of her healthcare companion, Baymax, with her.

Ally’s Outfit | Dress: Vintage from Etsy // Shoes: Keds // Headband: Tasha via Nordstrom // Glasses: eBay.

Jackie’s whole ensemble channeled the 1940’s, almost First Lady status with the red, red lips and pearls.

Jackie’s Outfit | Dress: MkLAREN Boutique // Pearls: Borrowed // Shoes: Borrowed.

Courtney, like Ally, DapperBounded as Joy from the new Disney animated film, Inside Out, premiering later this year!

Courtney’s Outfit | Dress: Pin Up Girl Clothing // Cardigan: Sidecca // Head Scarf: Pin Up Girl Clothing // Earrings: Gifted // Necklace: Borrowed // Shoes: Amazon.

All hair and makeup was done by the lovely Moe Marquez aka #moebeauty. Stay tuned for a special post featuring #comoemakeupandphotos!

And if you missed out on Spring Dapper Day this year, Dapper Day: Fall Soirée at Disneyland is Friday, September 18th!

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Highlight: DisneyBound

What is DisneyBounding? I think the best definition comes from the creator of the style sensation herself, Leslie Kay:

“DisneyBounding is a way for teenagers and adults to show their love and appreciation for Disney and play dress up without actually wearing a costume so it takes trendy clothes and bases the outfits after Disney characters.” – Disney Geekery, Interview: Disneybound Explained By Leslie Kay

Essentially, where Disney and fashion collide. I recently took a trip down to Southern California to attend Spring Dapper Day 2015 and with a day in California Adventure before Dapper Day, the gang agreed that we should Disneybound as the Fab Five (four in our case): Mickey and Minnie Mouse as well as Donald and Daisy Duck. With best friends partnered as the iconic duos, we rocked the park in our makeshift outfits!


I DisneyBounded as Mickey Mouse.


Jackie, DisneyBounding as Minnie Mouse.


Allie and Cojo (Courtney), DisneyBounding as Daisy and Donald Duck, respectively.


The Fab Four!

What’s great¬†about DisneyBounding is you take what you already have in your closet and translate it into a Disney character of your choice. Sometimes a little shopping excursion is helpful but otherwise take a look in your closet and see what you can come up with!

If you’re feeling inspired, you can check out some more outfits put together on DisneyBound’s tumblr!

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Whosits and Whatsits Galore

“Hello. I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion. Have a lollipop!”

If you haven’t seen Disney’s Big Hero 6¬†yet then you probably think I’m talking nonsense, but if you have¬†seen the animated film, you’ll recognize the¬†line above from Baymax, (or as a certain friend calls him, Baemax) the cuddly robot!

If you are anywhere near as geeky or a “Disnerd” as I am then you will love
Whositsandwhatsits, the site that this Baymax beanie was purchased from! The company was founded in 2011 by Tiffany Mink, and has become a holy grail for all the Disney merch you could ever need, I highly recommend you check it out!

While on my most recent trip to Disneyland Resort, I got the chance to hang out and shoot with our good friend Courtney (aka Cojo), who we’ve previously mentioned in our Dapper Day posts. We exchanged these beanies as Christmas gifts, so it was only appropriate to have a photoshoot!

IMG_5204 baymaxcoll IMG_5172

“Flying makes me a better care provider,” so back on to a plane and off to San Fransokyo I went at the end of the weekend!

Michelle’s Outfit | Beanie: Whosits and Whatsits // Jacket: Articles of Society // Shirt: Buffalo by David Bitton // Pants: American Eagle // Shoes: Vans.

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Holy Moly — It’s Our 50th Post!

Guyssssssss, can you believe we’ve hit 50 posts?! We can’t either! To celebrate, we’ve partnered with Twine and Dandy and we’re doing a giveaway!


The two beautifully handcrafted mason jars above will be given away to the first person who:

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The person who does all three of these things wins the two golden jars shown above! Please don’t forget to mention your Instagram name in the comments on this post so we know who’s who! (And make sure your Instagram is public!) We’ll be announcing the winner¬†on Monday, February 2nd, so you have until Saturday, January 31st at 12pm PST¬†to enter! One lucky winner will be¬†contacted¬†via email and your jars will be sent to you!

We’d also love to see just how much you love your Twine and Dandy mason jars with a quick pic on Instagram¬†once¬†you receive ’em! ūüėČ

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Highlight: Twine and Dandy

Not only are we incredibly excited to feature the blossoming Etsy shop, Twine and Dandy, on Cross Stitch, but we’re also teaming with Twine and Dandy for an upcoming giveaway!

If you’re not completely in love with these gorgeous¬†shabby-chic¬†mason jars from Twine and Dandy after seeing this post, then FALL IN LOVE ALREADY!

Andi Perry is the amazing shop owner of Twine and Dandy over on Etsy. Sam met Andi about two years ago at Sam’s first job out of college and thankfully, they’ve kept in touch since! Being the crafty gal she is, Andi decided to make gifts for Christmas that year. When she surprised the ladies in the office with her gorgeous mason jars, everyone¬†urged her to start an Etsy! Fast-forward a year later and Twine and Dandy¬†was made! Andi credits the name to friend and fellow co-worker at the time, Lauren Rice-Haney.

The handcrafted mason jars come in a¬†variety¬†of designs and colors and are extremely versatile gifts. They can be used as party favors for a baby or wedding shower, as well as the perfect center pieces for said baby/wedding shower, dinner parties or for holiday decorations! (Valentine’s day anyone?) If you want to relax by candlelight, they are beautiful¬†candle holders and even make for great pen holders for your desk at home or in the office! Add some pretty flowers to the jars and they are the ultimate rustic-chic vase.

All of the jars are made-to-order, so don’t be afraid to message Andi about custom requests or price quotes for weddings. She can add special phrases and custom charms in addition to having you pick your own color scheme.¬†If you live in San Francisco or the East Bay, she will personally deliver the jars to your front door! How awesome and unique is that?!

Twine and Dandy is also expanding to feature succulent items as well as hanging mason jars (think wall sconces) and a separate baby nursery line! The baby nursery line will focus on decor for nurseries, with upcoming items such as shabby-chic fabric mobiles, custom block lettering, and baby mason jars (also reaaaaal cute with succulents!) Be sure to ask about ’em! ūüėČ

Head on over to Twine and Dandy’s Etsy to check out all current¬†items and don’t forget to follow Twine and Dandy on Instagram for sneak peeks on upcoming items (and info about a new pop-up shop in San Francisco for the month of February!)

Stay tuned ladies and gents — our next post¬†is something to celebrate! ūüėČ

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Glitz and Gowns | Kinsley James Couture Bridal Presents Galia Lahav’s Tales of the Jazz Age

Oh boy. This past weekend we attended a private event at Kinsley James Couture Bridal in Walnut Creek, CA. The event showcased¬†Russian-born bridal designer Galia Lahav‘s latest collection “Tales of the Jazz Age” and we are still¬†processing. The beauty and delicacy of each gown was absolutely breathtaking, and seeing the collection in person rendered us completely speechless. We literally went right to work snapping photos.


The lovely models with makeup artist Adele Nader and hairstylist Taylor Cercone.

Galia’s known for her dramatic trains, bare backs and intricate beading. This collection was inspired by the late and great 1920’s, a decade Galia has pulled inspiration from before. She has a great eye for details, such as the directional beading and lace placement featured on these gowns that really flatters a woman’s body. The models were stunning in their gowns, and had a very talented glam squad, with makeup by Adele Nader and hair styled by Taylor Cercone.


IMG_2385 Cheers to a wonderful night!

Mingling¬†and then having the models walk up onto the catwalk before you is such an¬†incredible¬†thing to experience. All eyes turned to the lovely ladies and their gowns and you can feel the energy of everyone taking in all the amazing hard work that went into producing Galia’s gowns as well as the event production. It was such a great event and we met so many talented people and made some awesome connections that we’re beyond thankful for! Thank you so much for having us, KJ girls. If you need local fashion bloggers for another event, we’ll gladly attend! ūüėČ

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Highlight: The Making of 90’s Day

Before we dive into our 90’s day at Disneyland, we previously mentioned that it took us a while to find¬†garments that matched our Mom’s outfits from back in the day. We did, of course, have success in the end and in Sam’s case, even modified the items.

Above is a photo of Sam’s mom wearing the outfit Sam wanted to recreate. Keep in mind it was about 90 degrees the weekend we were in Anaheim and there was no way Sam was wearing long sleeves and jeans for the entire day. She decided to cut her pants into shorts by¬†these very easy steps:

  1. Try the pants on, and standing in front of a mirror, mark the desired length of the shorts on one leg with a pencil or washable pen.
  2. Remove the pants and lay them on a flat surface. Using a tape measure, measure from pant hem to desired mark and take note of the length of measurement.
  3. Using a ruler, draw a line across the pant leg at the desired mark, making sure it runs parallel to the pant hem.
  4. Mark the other leg at the same length so both marks are at the same level, and repeat step 3.
  5. Once you’ve made sure both lines are at the same level and the shorts are indeed at the desired length, start cutting.
  6. Cuff shorts if desired and iron them to keep crease.

Congratulations! You’ve just made shorts from pants.

Sam also decided to modify a crew neck tee to mimic her mom’s v-neck shirt. Below are the steps for creating a faux v-neck slit:

  1. Fold the shirt in half to find the middle and lay flat while folded. Make sure to smooth out any creases.
  2. Dot the middle of the fold with pencil or washable pen about 2″ down from the front neck.
  3. Try the shirt on and establish desired v point (is that less than the 2″ dot or more than the 2″ dot? Your choice as to how deep your v will be). Mark desired v point.
  4. Very lightly draw (preferably with a pencil) the desired v shape you like (wide, narrow or slightly curved, your choice).
  5. Remove the shirt, fold in half again and lay flat. Using a curved ruler (hip curve/french curve ruler for you savvy fashion students), follow the penciled line to create your v shape.
  6. Once you’re sure you’ve created the v shape you desire, you want to start cutting at your v point,¬†through the top layer¬†of one side only (you don’t want to accidentally cut through the back of the shirt).
  7. Stop cutting before you hit the neck binding. You do not want to cut up to the shoulder seam. In Sam’s case, she stopped cutting about 2″ down from the shoulder seam.
  8. Flip shirt over and repeat steps 6 & 7.
  9. Unfold shirt, try it back on and voil√†! Now you’ve got a shirt with a faux v-neck slit. (And because the shirt is jersey, the edges won’t fray–only curl and¬†will stretch out–so handle with care!)

Be sure to catch our next post to see Sam’s final product and Michelle’s throwback outfit recreated at Disneyland!

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Highlight: Cojosweeps

We’d like to dedicate this post to one of our very good friends, Courtney Johnson, aka Cojo. Michelle and I met Cojo while working at McCaulou’s (oh, McCaulou’s), and bonded over various things like art, Disney and Avatar: The Last Airbender. Cojo and I love us some Avatar.

Cojo is a (head) sweep at Disney California Adventure, hence the name “Cojosweeps.” Cojo did us a huge favor during our Anaheim trip by photographing and editing our photos for our Dapper¬†post. She also joined us in the recreation of our relatives¬†90’s Disney photos (more on that later!) As a special thanks, we’re featuring her¬†on both occasions in¬†her very own¬†dedication post!



90’s DAY


252367_10152335838807647_5352972487725053295_n 10686954_10152324031322647_7803079370138670667_n90’s photos courtesy of Cojo

This 90’s throwback recreation was so awesome, I really wish I didn’t have heat exhaustion the day of. Thankfully, Michelle and Cojo were able to complete the task and their photos turned out magnificent! We all scoured thrift stores for weeks trying to find items that matched accordingly to what our Moms, and in Cojo’s case, her Grandmother wore back in the day. Luckily, Cojo’s Grandma still had some items like the stellar white Mickey visor Cojo’s rocking.

Cojo, you’re adorable and we can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for us before, during and after our trip and we appreciate you¬†immensely! Love ya lady ‚̧

If you’d like to check out Cojo’s awesome photography, please visit her Flickr.

Stay tuned for more info about 90’s Day, Michelle’s throwback outfit and how I ended up recreating the flashback.

Shirt: Thrifted; Skirt: Thrifted; Headband: Sam’s; Fan: Dapper Day; Belt: Amanda’s; Shoes: Modcloth.

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