50 Shades of…

IMG_3423 IMG_3448 IMG_3455 IMG_3438
I’m totally kidding. Everyone knows we don’t need to read another thing about THAT BOOK because THAT MOVIE is out now. (Clearly neither of us have plans to see it). BUT seeing as Michelle’s look is monochromatic, I’m rollin’ with it!

And oooooh girl! Michelle stepped up her game with this shoot! To be honest, it’s a rare occurrence for me to see her in a dress and though this is a tunic-style dress, it still counts!

Michelle found these really awesome abstract leggings she’s OBSESSED with from Thread Lounge and opted for a more eclectic outfit this week. Though eclectic, she keeps the tones subdued and stays with that aforementioned monotone color palette that really makes her long (and newly dyed) hair pop!

If you haven’t been to Thread Lounge on Valencia Street in San Francisco thus far, we highly recommend it! Super great for unique discounted designer clothing and accessories.

Dress: Thread Lounge; Leggings: Thread Lounge; Shoes: Cathy Jean.




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