Skater Skirting Around Wintertime

We’re proud to finally present the photos taken by our friend and aspiring photographer Sarah Mason-Beaty!

It was a different dynamic this time, with Michelle sitting out and Sarah stepping in. She’s got a great eye for detail and these photos turned out so gorgeous, thank you so much Sarah!

This location is one of our favorites and I’d been dying to wear this textured Forever 21 top I bought not too long ago. Only in California can you wear a skater skirt during Winter! When paired with patterned tights and lace up boots it makes the “cold” seem that much more bearable. As for everywhere else though, please wear pants we know it’s freezing out there! ❤️

Jacket: McCaulou’s; Top: Forever 21; Skirt: Byer CA; Tights: Target; Boots: Charlotte Russe; Earrings: McCaulou’s.




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