Ponchos and Pastel Skies

IMG_3207 IMG_3203 IMG_3215 IMG_3213 IMG_3219 IMG_3199
We ended up chasing the sunset with this shoot and for the life of me, I could not stop staring at the sky. If you know me (or have read our About Us page), you know I have an affinity for sunsets (and sunrises, but let’s be honest–I hate mornings). The dialogue went something like this:

“Oh my god!!!! Look how awesome it looks!!!!”


-insert crying laughing emoji here- After being incredibly unamused with me and my affinity for sunsets, Michelle managed to pull me away from the view and we got our shoot in before the sun set entirely.

Michelle sports a tribal printed burgundy poncho with effortlessness and the richness of the burgundy pops amazingly against the lush vegetation in the background. Michelle keeps it simple and opts for our standard outfit base (a black cami and black skinnies) and completes the look with some cognac boots. While minimal, this outfit becomes a go-to for a casual-chic weekend outfit and if you haven’t considered it yet, a poncho can be a really great investment for the cold Fall and Winter months.

Poncho: Francesca’s; Cami: Arizona; Pants: American Eagle; Shoes: Cathy Jean.





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