Oui Oui

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Back in September 2014, we talked a lot about showing up to shoots either being dressed like complete opposites (one casual, the other dressed up) or having the same color scheme going on. Well, it happened again. Really, we should begin tallying this because it’s happening way more than we imagined!

For this shoot, we’ve got the same monochromatic color scheme. I swear, we don’t compare what we’re wearing before we show up to a shoot, and quite honestly it’s more beneficial to the process that way–the element of surprise is great like that!

While our styles are fairly similar, there are also big differences. In my opinion, Michelle is way better at dressing cas, and most of the time that comes down to shirt or shoe choice, and she makes it look incredibly effortless. Throw on a loose graphic tee, some ripped up jeans and a killer pair of sneakers and there you have it! Ultimate casual-chic.

Also, can I just point out how awesome Michelle’s half top knot looks? Kudos Refinery29 for the 2015 hair inspo!

Jacket: Articles of Society; Top: Marshall’s; Bralette: Free People; Pants: Cotton On; Shoes: Vans; Bracelet: Forever 21.


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