Walk This Way

Can’t blame a girl for titling her blog post after an Aerosmith song, can ya? The yellow arrow at our shoot location was just too good of a set up, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity 😉

Let’s talk about pants. I’m starting to think Sam is moving away from the dark side (aka black skinnies; we’re like a cult) and taking a major liking to denim recently! Twice in a row, girl! I will concede, boyfriend blue jeans are something we should all have a pair of for the impending Spring Season.

Sam’s outfit this week is not only street chic, but her choice in dark colors matched the mood of the gloomy sky, and made her highlights stand out much more than normal!

Top: Byer CA // Vest: Ella J. // Jeans: Miss Me // Shoes: Target // Necklace: McCaulou’s // Hat: Michelle’s 🙂 // Lipstick: Maybelline Red Revival 645.

Michelle sig.jpg


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