Philz, Presents and A Photoshoot

Spontaneous pre-birthday trip to Berkeley is synonymous with impromptu photoshoot for Michelle & I! One of the great things about Berkeley is that you can pretty much shoot anywhere and have an interesting backdrop. All the rickety old houses are my favorite, along with the vine that seemingly lives everywhere.

IMG_2719-1 IMG_2720 michcol1IMG_2734
Did I mention my favorite coffee shop, Philz, also resides in Berkeley? In all honesty, I can’t drink caffeinated coffee (you’re probably asking yourself, “what else is there?!”) without feeling like I’m going to die, BUT their Decaf Ethiopian and Hot Cocoa are to die for! ❤ If you’re ever in Berkeley, be sure to stop in at Philz on Shattuck Ave! (More Philz locations found here).

When we sat down at Philz to exchange birthday/Christmas presents, Michelle asked me if I remembered her shirt. I just looked at her incredulous because if you know me, you know I have a memory comparable to someone with early-onset Alzheimer’s. (I know — but seriously, it’s bad). She goes, “I wore this to Krewella!” (One of my favorite EDM groups). She didn’t think she’d ever wear it again, but here we are!

Grey works well as a neutral and I actually really like the fact that Michelle paired the top with her burgundy faux-leather skirt. Her black jacket and lace-up boots tie into the black studs on her eagle tank while the triangle earrings really compliment the outfit.

Now, can we go back in time to that concert please? Brb, blasting “Party Monster“.

Jacket: Articles of Society; Top: Forever 21; Skirt: Ella J.; Shoes: Cathy Jean; Earrings: Forever 21.



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