After The Storm

IMG_2623 IMG_2633IMG_2639 IMG_2635
While December is one of my favorite months, it is also an incredibly busy month, and when you get sick, life gets that much more complicated! When it’s raining and you’re trying to plan a shoot, waiting until after the storm has passed (both literally and figuratively) is definitely way easier than trying to calculate how much time you’ve got until you’re soaking wet and even more sick!

Michelle and I thought we could beat the storm this past Friday and shoot before the rainpocalypse but we were sorely mistaken. Sallow skin and Mother Nature’s wind-blown hair did NOT make for blog-approved pictures, as awesome and ominous as the sky looked! Alas, we survived the #HellaStorm here in Northern California (and I recovered from my cold) and we were much more pleased with the after results!

Michelle’s wearing a Free People top she received for her birthday and a specially crafted “M” necklace, made by her (secretly artsy) best friend Jackie Kabel. I love the fact that there’s also a heart looped in with the “M” on her necklace, too. To complete the outfit, Michelle contrasted her busy floral top with solid berry-colored skinnies and neutral booties.

Now, everyone appreciate this awesome drawing Jackie did for Michelle when she came back from Africa this Summer:

Everyone in favor of Jackie creating an Etsy shop to sell her awesome drawings and handmade items say I!

I! 🙂 But seriously… I would probably buy A LOT.

There’s only 8 more days until Christmas everyone! Here’s hoping you’re close to finishing your holiday shopping and you’re staying dry and healthy during the holiday season! 🙂

Top: Free People; Pants: American Eagle; Shoes: Madden Girl; Necklace: Made by Jackie Kabel.




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