Sam’s Fall Favorites!

I know it says Fall, but I got a little creative with this shoot so perhaps “Winter” would be more appropriate. Actually, let’s go with Fall/Winter faves. In all honesty, I’m surprised Michelle didn’t spell hers “favourites” — what with her Brit wit and all! 😛

Anyhow, without further ado, here are my f/w favorites:


Frosty sporting Sam’s Fall/Winter faves


“Berry Naughty” nail polish by Essie and Sally Hansen’s Gel Nail Polish “Blacky O”


THE BEST top coat by Sally Hansen — dries SUPER fast


Black-on-black sunnies from local department store McCaulou’s


Frosty lookin’ cozy in a trendy plaid scarf from McCaulou’s


Thanks for hangin’ onto my Blu Pepper olive anorak jacket with plaid accents, Frosty!

Honorary favorites are definitely my black Charlotte Russe lace-up boots from this photoshoot and Taylor Swift’s new album 1989. If you think I’m not totally blasting her album while I’m writing this post YOU ARE WRONG.

So those are my favorites! Plaid’s having a moment right now which I am LOVING (clearly, with 2 plaid items in my favorites!) My go-to outfit for Fall pretty much incorporates half the list. You’ll almost always catch me in my black lace-up boots, olive anorak (which I am never taking off, ever), and if the sunny California weather cooperates, then I’m definitely sporting my black-on-black sunnies.

When I occasionally paint my nails, it’s usually black — no surprise there. I really like the Sally Hansen gel polish because it dries quick and doesn’t nick super easily (and I suck at not screwing up my freshly-painted nails). “Berry Naughty” is a great holiday color — paint on two coats and it’s this really rich burgundy which is a nice Fall alternative to bright red nails.

Promise we’ll be back with more OOTD posts and a special OOTD with our friend Sarah shortly! Happy December everyone!


(P.S. is it time for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show to air yet?! Dying over any and all Instagram pics!)


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