Announcement: Blog Updates

Hey all! Just wanted to update everyone on a few additions!

We announced a few days ago that we’re now on Twitter–well we’ve also created a Pinterest page as well! If you guys have a Pinterest account, please follow us at crossxstitchblg and feel free to pin our photos for inspiration!

We also updated our Cross Stitch header so it’s easier to read, and added our Twitter and Pinterest links to the top of the menu bar, while rearranging the menu a bit.

We’d love to hear feedback on what you guys like, what you’d like to see more of/what we could feature (something new we’re not doing/haven’t covered yet?) and what you could do without–so if you have any comments feel free to leave ’em! We appreciate constructive criticism!

Thanks so much for all the support everyone ❤ We can’t tell you how many people have told us they follow the blog and we definitely wouldn’t have guessed it!

xo sam_sigMichelle sig.jpg


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