Moore’s Pumpkin Patch

IMG_1980 IMG_1932-1 IMG_1962 IMG_1952 IMG_1978 copy IMG_1925 IMG_1969 IMG_1984
We’re just about one week away from Halloween now, and thus a Halloween-themed shoot was necessary! We went to Moore’s Pumpkin Patch for our shoot and it was our favorite by far! Something you should know about Michelle: she HATES Halloween. So getting her to embrace the “holiday” was a huge step for her. But c’mon, when you get to frolic in hay, use pumpkins as props and roll around in a wagon, how could you NOT like Halloween time?!

Now we just have to figure out what to do for pumpkin carving…

Sweater: Kurios; Pants: American Eagle; Shoes: Dolce Vita; Hair Clips: Popsikle Shop; Earrings: Grand Canyon, AZ; Bracelet: McCaulou’s.


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