Accommodating Our Closets For Autumn

Well, Fall has officially struck! The leaves are crunchy, water has been replaced by Pumpkin Spice lattes and it gets dark, like, way too early. In attempt to keep summer dresses in our closets despite the lack of summer time heat, Sam layered up her hi-low dress with some cute accessories!

IMG_1723_resizeIMG_1751-1IMG_1760-2collageIMG_1768-3 IMG_1729-2
Sam’s outfit has a bit of style “tug of war” going on, if you will. Feminine dress with a studded olive blazer, high laced combat boots with lacy socks. A sweet yet tough exterior 🙂 Layering is key if you want to make it through those colder months, and both the tall boot socks and cute jacket Sam is sporting are perfect examples in ways to do so! Snaps for Sam!

Any Halloween lovers out there? With less than two weeks until the big night, we are curious what you will be dressing up as! This weeks shoot will be focused on channeling our Halloween spirit into every day outfits, so keep an eye out cause I’m excited!

Dress: Lush; Jacket: H&M; Socks: Urban Outfitters; Boots: Charlotte Russe.

Michelle sig.jpg

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