90’s Day | Disneyland & Disney California Adventure

Unofficially, we used the day after Dapper Day as our 90’s Day–a day in the parks to recreate our Mom’s 90’s Disney photos. Or rather, Michelle did because I was stuck on the couch with heat exhaustion. While Michelle had the benefit of recreating her mom’s 90’s photographs at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure, we agreed since I had already modified my items that we’d shoot my outfit as well on a later date at a secondary location. I’ll just have to save the actual recreation of my mom’s photo with Tigger for our next Disney adventure!

Without further ado, please enjoy our very hip 90’s throwbacks!


Michelle’s Outfit | Shirt: Thrifted // Shorts: Mom’s // Shoes: Vans // Fanny Pack: Borrowed.


IMG_7941-1IMG_4199-2 IMG_4225-2 IMG_4223-2 IMG_4209-2IMG_4217-2
Sam’s Outfit | Shirt: Thrifted/DIY; Shorts: Thrifted/DIY; Shoes: Converse; Mouse Ears: Disneyland; Earrings: Vintage; Smiley Face Backpack: Vintage.

After seeing us in all our 90’s glory, you’re probably wondering why we embarked on such a lovely endeavor. Well, Michelle was doing as she does, rummaging through boxes of old pictures her parents stashed away and uncovered a pack of prints from her parents trip to Disneyland in 1994. Thus, the idea was born. If you know us, you know we are total dorks and the opportunity to recreate them was simply too good to pass up! Here’s hoping you enjoyed this as much as we did 😉

xo sam_sig+   Michelle sig.jpg


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