Highlight: The Making of 90’s Day

Before we dive into our 90’s day at Disneyland, we previously mentioned that it took us a while to find garments that matched our Mom’s outfits from back in the day. We did, of course, have success in the end and in Sam’s case, even modified the items.

Above is a photo of Sam’s mom wearing the outfit Sam wanted to recreate. Keep in mind it was about 90 degrees the weekend we were in Anaheim and there was no way Sam was wearing long sleeves and jeans for the entire day. She decided to cut her pants into shorts by these very easy steps:

  1. Try the pants on, and standing in front of a mirror, mark the desired length of the shorts on one leg with a pencil or washable pen.
  2. Remove the pants and lay them on a flat surface. Using a tape measure, measure from pant hem to desired mark and take note of the length of measurement.
  3. Using a ruler, draw a line across the pant leg at the desired mark, making sure it runs parallel to the pant hem.
  4. Mark the other leg at the same length so both marks are at the same level, and repeat step 3.
  5. Once you’ve made sure both lines are at the same level and the shorts are indeed at the desired length, start cutting.
  6. Cuff shorts if desired and iron them to keep crease.

Congratulations! You’ve just made shorts from pants.

Sam also decided to modify a crew neck tee to mimic her mom’s v-neck shirt. Below are the steps for creating a faux v-neck slit:

  1. Fold the shirt in half to find the middle and lay flat while folded. Make sure to smooth out any creases.
  2. Dot the middle of the fold with pencil or washable pen about 2″ down from the front neck.
  3. Try the shirt on and establish desired v point (is that less than the 2″ dot or more than the 2″ dot? Your choice as to how deep your v will be). Mark desired v point.
  4. Very lightly draw (preferably with a pencil) the desired v shape you like (wide, narrow or slightly curved, your choice).
  5. Remove the shirt, fold in half again and lay flat. Using a curved ruler (hip curve/french curve ruler for you savvy fashion students), follow the penciled line to create your v shape.
  6. Once you’re sure you’ve created the v shape you desire, you want to start cutting at your v point, through the top layer of one side only (you don’t want to accidentally cut through the back of the shirt).
  7. Stop cutting before you hit the neck binding. You do not want to cut up to the shoulder seam. In Sam’s case, she stopped cutting about 2″ down from the shoulder seam.
  8. Flip shirt over and repeat steps 6 & 7.
  9. Unfold shirt, try it back on and voilà! Now you’ve got a shirt with a faux v-neck slit. (And because the shirt is jersey, the edges won’t fray–only curl and will stretch out–so handle with care!)

Be sure to catch our next post to see Sam’s final product and Michelle’s throwback outfit recreated at Disneyland!

xo sam_sig+   Michelle sig.jpg



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