On Mondays We Wear Rompers

IMG_1649 IMG_1664 IMG_1655 IMG_1662 IMG_1677 IMG_1679
And do you happen to know what this Monday signifies? Why, the first day of Fall! To celebrate, Michelle channeled her inner child and decided to toss some leaves around. But seriously, who could resist? I joined later–literally, could. not. resist.

In the latest Blog: Location Chronicles (yes I’m calling it that now), we showed up to Michelle’s pick and ended up in the midst of two photoshoots. Woops. Sorry Senior Portraitists and Homecomers… Luckily, this location was super versatile and I INSTAntly fell in love (hai I’m punny).

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset
Remember when I said sometimes Michelle and I are so similar it’s scary? Well it happened again. We both wore rompers for this shoot (unintentional, unplanned, and incredibly embarrassing…) But alas! Rompers are also quite versatile and here’s one way to rock it.

Cheers to your inner child and happy leaf-tossing everyone!

Romper: McCaulou’s, Shoes: Kurios; Paper Airplane Necklace: West Coast Craft.


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