Farmer’s Market Finds | Popsikle Shop

In a follow-up to our Highlight: Popsikle Shop post, we wanted to share with you guys what items we couldn’t leave the mobile boutique without!

Michelle purchased two Halloween-themed items including a flower headband and skeleton-hand hair clips as well as a velvet scrunchie, sunglasses and a vintage jacket.

I picked up two sunglasses I’d been dying for ever since they appeared on Popsikle Shop’s Instagram; one heart shaped and another winged. They also make extremely cute and comfy mouse ears for all you Disney enthusiasts that are looking for a more economical option when it comes to fashionable ears! I snagged a pair with white flowers, pink bows and cute mini Mickeys in the middle.

Two things I wished were in stock when I was there: 1) These super-cute purple and orange Halloween-themed mouse ears featured on Popsikle Shop’s IG:

photo 2
and 2) This must-have Sailor Moon tee that went up online a few days after we got back:

photo 1
What’s pretty cool is when we were at the Farmer’s Market, I asked Crystal if she had any more of the purple and orange Halloween-themed mouse ears I really liked and she offered to save a pair for me for the following week. Which is awesome customer service! So if you guys miss out on an item (because they do go fast!) try asking Crystal if she’s willing to save or make an item for you that you really want. And if you really like something that’s still in stock, snag it immediately! I’ll be here dreaming of that Sailor Moon tee.

xo sam_sig+   Michelle sig.jpg




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