Vintage Chic

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I’m one of those people that hears something and ends up spitting out a song lyric that relates, so when Sam goes and calls this our “tunnel vision” shoot, I think Justin Timberlake’s Tunnel Vision! Even more convenient, “I’m zooming in on you everything extra in the background just fades into the set” couldn’t be more accurate when describing how public and difficult this weeks location was.

Sporting an adorable pencil skirt, Sam leaned towards dressing it down while still remaining formal enough for work, and really sets the mood and attitude with her mom’s sunglasses from the 90’s. Throw in the Parisian mismatched earrings, handcrafted ring from SF and (my favorite) booties, and I give you Vintage Sam!

T-Shirt: Old Navy // Chambray Shirt: McCaulou’s // Skirt: Target // Shoes: Target // Sunnies: Vintage // Earrings: Paris, FR // Scissor Necklace: Gifted // Long Necklace: Forever 21 // Knuckle Ring: Forever 21 // Thumb Ring: Union Square, SF

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