Black on Black Without Hair Slicked Back

“Every day I got some fly shit on, keep an all black outfit on”

Been On, G-Eazy


As Sam previously pointed out in her post this week, we dressed in opposites. It was completely accidental, but can make things pretty fun and interesting when you have to manipulate the shoot location to fit the image you’re trying to portray. This specific shoot happened to be on my day off while Sam worked in the early afternoon, so our get-ups definitely reflected our different agendas.

One thing we haven’t yet mentioned: how we became friends. Sam and I met while working in the juniors department at McCaulou’s, a Bay Area department store chain, and clicked right off the bat! So all of the clothing items from the mysterious, oddly named store are from where we worked!

As for the title and lyrics choice up top, G-Eazy is a Bay Area rapper that Sam and I obsess over and you should definitely check out.

Dress: McCaulou’s // Shoes: Steve Madden // Necklace: McCaulou’s // Bracelet: McCaulou’s // Earrings: McCaulou’s // Ring: McCaulou’s

Michelle sig.jpg

and that time I met G-Eazy!


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