Rocker Hour

michelle1IMG_0365 IMG_0388-2 michellecollage1
Michelle’s back, Michelle’s back!!! If you know me, you know I like to countdown until a close friend or family member comes back home (because looking forward to something is always pretty exciting). We packed this shoot into the middle of our day and had some fun dodging a gardener walking around waving his leaf blower everywhere. “Wait, hold on, he’s behind you again.” “Okay, go!”

What’s really great about meeting up to shoot is that generally we don’t know how dressed up or dressed down the other is going to be. We just so happened to be completely opposite for this shoot (well, except for the black elements, but c’mon, did you really think we would last that long?) At least Michelle’s nails are actually TEAL–go Jackie!

At the end of the shoot, Michelle told me some exciting news–she’s joining me in Disneyland for Fall Dapper Day! Expect some dapper posts and Disneybounds in the very near future. T-minus 11 days to be exact! Look out for Michelle’s post to compare our contrasting styles.

T-Shirt: Forever 21; Pants: American Eagle Outfitters; Shoes: Converse; Sunnies: McCaulou’s; Paper Airplane Necklace: West Coast Craft; Elephant Necklace: Cabo San Lucas; Bracelet: Forever 21.


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