Beachfront Shopping | Cabo San Lucas

What could make sitting in the sand, sipping a margarita and watching the sun set behind the picturesque Cabo San Lucas arches any better? Oh, that’s right, shopping that comes to you!

If you’ve been to Mexico, you know all about the vendors and bargaining that’s on either your good or bad side. If you are like my mom, you love it and it becomes a game, but if you’re like my dad, repeatedly saying “no, gracias” gets old pretty quick. I just think if you see something cute, embrace it and if not, keep sipping that drink in your hand!

So without further adieu, here are the purchases I made while on holiday!


opal earrings


black earrings with petrified flowers


a simple, silver anklet


silver elephant with a turquoise stone and 24″ silver chain (excuse the tarnish)

After having been to Kenya in May I have been on quite the elephant streak, so when I asked the vendor if he had an elephant amongst his plethora of beach themed dolphins, flip flops and sand dollars I was surprise to hear “Si!”. So, I now have a new edition to my daily jewelry! This cute elephant sits below my paper airplane charm that I wear everyday, to remind me of  life lessons and the things I love.

Michelle sig.jpg

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