Casual in Cabo

I must apologize for being MIA this past week, but I promise I have a valid excuse! After the tragic and sudden death of my iPhone, I took off for Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where wifi is just as scarce as set prices!

With the heat and humidity of Baja California comes the challenge of dressing cute, yet cool, so a bralette is always a good item to start with! I made a spontaneous splurge the day before my flight on a new Intimately Free People piece and absolutely love it! Pair that with my favorite tank and split skirt and voila!

I also sported some new white sunglasses and of course a black scrunchy to spice up my post-swim bun!

Top: Bear Dance (McCaulous) // Bralette: Intimately Free People // Skirt: American Eagle Outfitters // Sandals: City Classified // Sunglasses: McCaulous // Scrunchy: Claire’s

Michelle sig.jpg

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