Late August, Late Post.

IMG_0176-1_copy-1 IMG_0232-1_copy-1 collageIMG_0323-1_copy-2IMG_0285-1_copy-1
When one of your best friends and fellow blogger goes on vacation to Mexico, and then road trips to Colorado right after… you get a little antsy for a shooting buddy. So this is my first solo shoot. And it was fun! Trying to get my tripod to cooperate was another story, but the photos came out, ta-da! Also, in case you guys haven’t noticed, I’ve completed my own blog challenge of not wearing black!!! Cue the confetti!

In any case, Michelle should be along here shortly with her Cabo post and some special finds from her trip. I’m also leaving next weekend to visit my cousins so maybe you’ll see a post from the gorgeous mountain side ;). The week after that I’m hopping on a plane to Disneyland (hopefully with Michelle in tow, work permitting!) and adventures will ensue. I can’t wait!!!

Tank: Target; Skirt: Byer CA; Earrings: F21; Necklace: McCaulou’s; Ring: McCaulou’s; Boots: Jeremy’s; Bag: Target.





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