Highlight: Hair Tapestry

Not too long ago, Michelle came over after a very determined trip to Richards Arts and Crafts with some colorful embroidery thread and a 4″ wooden hoop. I fished out a fairly large needle from my sewing supplies and went to work on Michelle’s newest love: hair tapestry.

Follow the 6 steps below for your own hair tapestry!

  1. Divide a section of your hair where you’d like the tapestry to go and wet that section. We didn’t wet Michelle’s hair beforehand and it was way harder to weave in and out of each portion.
  2. Unscrew the 4″ wooden hoop apart, and sandwich your hair in between the inner and outer hoops. Make sure it’s nice and taut.
  3. Pick whichever color embroidery thread you’d like to start with and thread your needle.
  4. Tie off the thread around the first portion of hair and start weaving in and out of each portion.
  5. Continue weaving in and out, making sure to tie off the ends before you double back down the next row. This helps the thread stay in place and shouldn’t give you much slack.
  6. Repeat, adding different thread colors until you’re all done! Be sure to cut the ends of the threads off once you’ve knotted too!

Not too shabby for our first try!

When we originally posted the above pic on Instagram, we received the following question:

Q: How long does the hair tapestry last?

A: Well, we started the tapestry at the mid-way point between Michelle’s root and tip, and admittedly, it wasn’t weaved super tight (it being our first try). After three days (through washes), it slowly started to slide down to the tips of Michelle’s hair. We agree practice makes perfect and in doing so, you should be able to get the weave tighter. We also believe if you start closer to the root, it should last up to a week or so.

Bleach London was Michelle’s original inspiration for hair tapestries, and theirs are really neat with different designs. Be sure to check out their Instagram for massive hairspiration and let us know if you try out this hair trend yourselves, we’d love to hear feedback!


9/16/14 Update: It’s come to our attention that some of you were wondering if the hair tapestry is difficult to get out. Simple answer: It’s not. Really, if it starts sliding down to the tips of your hair you should be able to just pull it out fairly easily. It pretty much looked the same once it came out of Michelle’s hair, just unraveled a bit. If it’s high up in your hair (say, above your ear), try sliding it down towards your tips and it should come out. Hope that helps!


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