Denim + Daisies

IMG_9985 IMG_0002 IMG_0024_copy

…At least that’s what I’m calling the flowers on Michelle’s dress! The goal for this shoot was to get our head shots done. But then we decided we looked cute so we opted for a regular shoot! Last minute Michelle goes, “Okay, so where are we gonna shoot?” I knew the perfect place. You’d never know by looking at it, though I’m sure some locals could figure it out (especially since Michelle hinted at it in her post!) It was super windy when we shot, but luckily Michelle brought along her favorite 90’s accessory: scrunchies! Just get ready, ’cause she’s already on the hunt for jellies as well!

As a little something extra to go along with my post, I made some quick sketches I hope everyone enjoys! Perhaps in the future I’ll get more ambitious and color ’em in, but here are all the looks we’ve seen on the blog so far!


Michelle’s Outfit | Dress: Cotton On; Vest: McCaulou’s; Booties: Cathy Jean; Sunnies: Embarcadero (SF); Earrings: A&E; Necklace: West Coast Craft @ Fort Mason (SF); Scrunchie: Claire’s; Rings: F21.




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